The Personal Privacy Protection Law (PPPL), enacted in 1984, pertains to personal information collected and maintained by state agencies. State agencies are required to meet standards of fair information practices regarding the collection, maintenance, use and disclosure of personal information.

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Advisory Opinions

The opinions represent the views of the Committee on Open Government at the time that they were rendered. They may no longer represent those views if, for example, there have been subsequent court decisions or statutory amendments that bear on the issues discussed in the opinions.

Due to the repetition of the substance of various opinions, not all opinions are available online. Only those that have been determined to have precedential value or that are in some manner unique are included.

Advisory opinions that are not available online, primarily those prepared prior to 1993, are maintained by the Committee on Open Government and at various law libraries throughout the state. Copies of opinions are available by contacting the Committee.

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Other Publications

You Should Know” is a publication of the Committee on Open Government that provides an overview of the Personal Privacy Protection Law (PPPL).  The PPPL is intended to protect your privacy by regulating the manner in which state agencies collect, maintain and disseminate personal information about you.  The publication reviews state agency responsibilities, as well as guidance on how to obtain state agency records about yourself and, if necessary, how to correct or amend your record.   The publication includes sample language of a PPPL request and, if necessary, on appeal of an agency’s denial of access.

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